Break Bulk

Break Bulk Cargo

The ever increasing pace of business in todays Internet age makes it critical for businesses large and small to ensure that they are first to market with their products and/or minimize downtime when a plant is down or able to ensure that hot moving items are in stock. Trade Nexus International has geared its cargo services to ensure that it can meet the needs of all customers for their time sensitive items. even in shape of break bulk cargo our staff will work closely Trade Nexus Internationals staff will work closely on a 24/7 basis with all parties involved to ensure that these special projects are handled timely, efficiently and cost effectively. Trade Nexus International has the connections and expertise to arrange any type and or size of shipment arrange the necessary permits and offer you competitive pricing to help you deal with this need. You can count on Trade Nexus International as your best forwarder to handle all of your time critical shipments.